• Thanks Pauline for everything! Really appreciated your help all the while. Hope to use your service some time again. Best Regards Jyothi

  • I needed a storage space as I was moving into a smaller flat than my previous one. I am very happy that I had chosen Urban Space. The staff members were incredibly helpful and advised me with how much space I would need. I had a very good experience and I do recommend Urban Space to anyone who needs a storage space.

  • The location is very accessible and safe. And it's not hassle to visit your storage unit, unlike many other storage facilities. They also sell good qualities cartoon boxes, tapes and locks. I would say it's a one stop service for all my needs.

  • Great service! High security, high tech, affordable, dependable, convenient and clean. Elite in the industry. Definitely five stars!!

  • Hi Pauline,the Service here is awesome,very friendly and approachable.

  • Pauline has rendered very good service ! Best regards Miss Chin

  • Please notice that Kit Ying does an excellent job! Best Regards Mr Peter