How Self Storage Helps You Declutter

06 Dec 2018

Having so much clutter both at home and in the office impacts you negatively. It makes your house feel like an uncomfortable place to live in. It causes unhappiness, stress and in some cases, depression. There are many homes that use bedrooms not for resting or slumber, but a storage space. Which is why it is important to declutter regularly.

Surveys and studies have shown that a large percentage of couples argue over clutter and disorganization. People regularly keep usable stuff stowed away simply for sentimental value and  accumulate more items.

At the same time, our important and essential stuff will only get used seasonally. This requires proper storage and organization at other times of the year. Some of you who work from home have plenty of important documents that have to be kept for a few years. Such stuff are not junk and are part of the household. It will still require space for storage. Again, it is a matter of being organized.

Fortunately, self storage facilities provide solutions to clutter disorganization problems. Instead of having all the stuff cluttering your house, they can be stored in easily accessible dedicated storage spaces. Bedrooms can be actual bedrooms again.

There are many reasons why self storage is suitable for decluttering. One reason is simply to create more space at home. Another reason is when people downgrade their houses (from 4-room flat to 3-room flat for example) and there isn’t enough space for all items from the previous house. We can pack items that areseasonal and store it away from the house. We can retrieve them only when needed. Self storage facilities provide 24 hours access, so you can be rest assured that you can retrieve your items in the middle of the night if the need arises.

Using self storage services is not necessarily a permanent solution. What it offers is a temporary and safe solution while you take time to declutter and organize your stuff. Freeing up some space initially will also help to clear your mind and can eventually get better organized. The important thing is to keep working at it. Do not store and forget about the items for months or years. Keep reviewing your stuff regularly to determine which stuff you can discard and which you would like to keep. This way, you will maintain a clean home, keep things in order and only use minimal space at your self storage facility.