Beginners Guide to Choosing the right Self-Storage providers in Singapore

self storage providers
26 Nov 2020

As space in Singapore is becoming more of a scarcity, newer houses are getting smaller. It becomes harder for families to create more space in their own homes for their own use. Besides smaller areas, another reason for less space is having too many unnecessary items. Some people may find it hard to let go of their personal belongings even when its no longer useful. In order to address all these problems, the easiest solution is to turn to self-storage providers to increase their storage space. This will help to prevent clutter at home or in the office.

However, with so many self-storage providers in Singapore, how do you go about choosing the ideal storage unit for yourself?

  1. 1. Sort out your items

First and foremost, it is important for you to identify which items you want to store. Once that is sorted out, you will be able to estimate roughly how much space you require to store your items. Most self-storage providers offer various storage sizes that caters to various customer needs. It also ensures that you will be getting the most value out of the storage unit that you chose, rather than paying for extra space which you are not using.

Urban Space offers a flexible range of sizes from 9 – 140 sqft at an affordable price. This allows you to store even items that are of odd sizes. If you realized you need more space for more items, you can upgrade your storage size anytime you want.

  1. 2. Determine how long you are planning to store

Next, you have to decide how long you need the storage space for. Different self-storage providers offer different promotions based on the storage duration. Usually the longer you store, the cheaper it is. Besides that, the duration also affects how you store your items. If you are storing it for long term, it is encouraged that you use better packing materials so that they will last longer.

Our storers can choose various storage duration, starting with 1 month to 12 months. Once the storage duration is over, storers can then decide whether they want to renew for the same duration or shorter. This allows greater flexibility for our storers.

  1. 3. Explore the additional services

Other than storage space, it is important for you to also ensure that self-storage providers offers additional features or benefits such as trolleys, packing areas or packing accessories. Some customers tend to overlook these features when choosing their storage space provider.

At Urban Space, we provide complimentary trolleys and ladders for our customer to use at any time. There are also packing areas setup for customer to do their packing or unpacking of their items. Moreover, our storage facility is accessible 24/7 as each storer has their own personalized access code.

  1. 4. Evaluate your options

At this point, you have to evaluate what are your available storage options and which criteria are the most important to you. Various factors such as location, price, storage facility quality and service play a part in the decision process. Is location convenience more important to you than quality? Or is the service more important than price?

If you are still unable to decide, the best option is to visit the storage facility and have a hands-on experience at what the storage facility has to offer. Urban Space is conveniently located near Telok Blangah, Bukit Merah, Alexandra, Pasir Panjang & Harbourfront. You can easily access your storage facility and have a free live touring of what Urban Space has to provide!

By following these 4 steps, you should have no issues deciding which storage unit is the right fit for you. It is always important to first determine what you need to store before finding storage space providers. That will allow you to better understand what your storage needs are and what you need to look out for.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with Urban Space today and make space for what matters! Follow our Facebook and Instagram @urbanspacesg for more updates too!


self storage providers