Items you should store away to make more space at home

05 Mar 2021

One of the biggest issues Singaporeans face nowadays is the ever growing concern of not having enough space. Houses are getting smaller and land is getting scarcer. In order to overcome this issue, people are getting more creative in utilizing the limited space that is provided. The easiest way to make more space is by using self-storage rental facilities to store away unwanted items.

However, when people talk about storage rental, most will assume it is only used for keeping their items temporarily. In actuality, storage rental facilities offer much more than that. Even if you are not moving or doing renovations, you can still use storage facilities to store away your valuable or unwanted items.

Here is a list of items that you should store away in self-storage units:


Obviously, Furniture is the most commonly stored item in self-storage facilities due to them being the bulkiest. Such items include Bed frames, Cupboards, Tables and/or Chairs. There are a few reasons as to why you would store away furniture in storage units.

  1. 1. Your home may not have enough space to fit all your furniture.
  3. 2. You have made some renovations or refurbishments to your interior and the furniture does not match.
  5. 3. Some of the furniture may be redundant as your new house already has them.

However, just simply throwing away the furniture, when it is still in fine condition, would be a huge waste. Which is why storing them in self-storage facilities would be ideal since you can still use them in the near future. If you are storing especially large or bulky furniture, do remember to disassemble and clean them first to prevent any mold from growing.

Seasonal items

Seasonal items can vary from clothing and accessories to holiday decorations. They are commonly kept in storage units because they are not usually needed until the actual season. For example:

  • – Seasonal clothing such as winter jackets and boots can be kept during the summer. As Singapore is generally humid, there isn’t much use in wearing them unless you are going overseas to colder countries.
  • – Holiday decorations such as Chinese New Year, Christmas or Halloween only occurs once a year, which means you can store them away until you actually need them.

Storing such seasonal items also helps to preserve their condition so that you can still use it when you take them out of storage.

Toys & Collectibles

Credits: Beckett

Another commonly stored items are toys and collectibles. Toys tend to possess lots of sentimental values, and it would be such a waste to just throw them away. Who knows, maybe you and your spouse might decide to have another child, and you might use the toys again.

Furthermore, certain toys may also be worth a lot of money as time passes on. Just look at this 1999 shiny Charizard Pokémon card, which was recently sold at auction for a record £169,000. Guess you Gotta catch em all!

Files & Documents

With E-commerce on the rise, more people are starting their own online business from their own homes. As a results, documents and files tend to naturally pile up and causes clutter to occur. Storing them at an off-site storage facility will not only help to reduce clutter, but also free up more space in your home.

When storing at Urban Space, you would not have to worry about losing any sensitive documents or files. Urban Space has 24/7 CCTV surveillance and storers can only access their storage unit using their personalized access code.

By storing all these items away, you would be able to create a clutter-free and stress free environment at home. This will allow you to be able to do more of the things you enjoy with the extra space. Besides, if you really think you no longer need those items, you can also consider donating them.


So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with Urban Space today and make space for what matters!