Storage Guide: 5 Quick Steps to Choose the Best Self Storage Facility

03 Jun 2021

It’s never easy to organise your inventory and some people may even find it very difficult to give or throw away their beloved belongings. If you intend to set up a business in Singapore, you would definitely need to start considering some cost-effective options for your logistic management. Hence, self-storage might be the best solution for you. However, with so many self-storage facilities, here are 5 quick steps to choose the best self storage facility.

Step 1: What storage size do I need?

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In order to determine how much storage space you need, you should firstly measure the total space based on the items and boxes you’re going to store. Once you have determined the storage space you need, you can start looking for storage facilities with sizes that suit you the most.

At Urban Space Self Storage, we offer a wide range of storage sizes, from 9sqft to 140sqft units. If you’re still unsure of the storage size you need, try out our storage space calculator now!

Extra Tip: You can save more space and costs by packing your items in boxes and stacking them up.

Step 2: Is the self storage unit safe and clean?

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It is very important to have a well-maintained security and sensor system within the self-storage facility. Moreover, the facility needs to be in a clean and cozy condition to protect the items from pests and mould. So, do remember to visit the storage facility to ensure that the storage is properly maintained.

Most importantly, all your storage items would be in safe hands with 24/7 CCTV monitoring system and security alarm systems at Urban Space Self Storage. You also get to enjoy our co-working lounge with free Wi-Fi. This would be the perfect environment for any individual or business owners to store and work at the same time. 

Step 3: How long do you want to rent your storage unit?

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Longer storage rental duration means that you can get to enjoy more promotional discounts when storing. Hence, it is important to consider the cost-benefit analysis on the duration of your storage. This would be a more cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses who are looking for long-term storage spaces . 

At Urban Space, our leases are month to month for your convenience and we offer flexible storage durations for our storers. This way, you only need to pay for the space you use! Hence, you wouldn’t have to worry about over-paying for excess storage space anymore.

Step 4: Where is the nearest self storage in Singapore?

If you are looking for storage space to store your items, you should certainly choose the facility most convenient to you. The facility should be easily accessible by public transport or even on foot. As such, your storage experience will be hassle-free and more convenient. 

Urban Space Self Storage is located near Alexandra, Jalan Bukit Merah, Pasir Panjang and Harbourfront. We are also well connected to all the major transport nodes and just 15-minutes drive from the Central Business District.

Step 5: Any value-added storage services?

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Many self-storage operators in Singapore offer similar services to their storers. What kind of services should you be looking out for then?

Urban Space Self Storage provides various services such as delivery services and free co-working lounge. This makes your storage experience more convenient. Our storers also get to enjoy 24/7 easy access to our storage facility. Urban Space would be your best partner in decluttering your home! Get in touch with us now to find a safe, modern and clean storage unit that matches your needs today! 

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So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with Urban Space today and make space for what matters! Follow our Facebook and Instagram @urbanspacesg for more updates too!