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Urban Space Self Storage provides unparalleled self storage solutions to individuals and businesses

What you can store

  • Adventures
  • Collections
  • Passions
  • Shopping Sprees
  • Travels
  • Business Need

Storage Service in Singapore

There is a ubiquitous issue that every person in Singapore is extremely familiar with: the lack of space. If you’re dreaming of living in a perfectly decluttered home or have an office big enough to hold a function, chances are, you simply don’t have the physical space to bring those visions into reality.

Cease your Marie-Kondo attempts because we’re here to help you with your storage woes. Whether you’re planning to shift locations, wish to balance your monthly office rental costs and feasibility of space, or simply want to keep things neat and tidy, find your answer to your storage problems at Urban Space Self Storage.

Urban Space: Your Self-Storage Solution

With a mission to assist those in a storage crunch, Urban Space Self Storage is a storage company founded in 2015 with a modern storage concept that caters to the storage needs of modern living and offices. Our customers are at the heart of everything that we do, which is why we offer a total of 370 storage units of various sizes and functionalities to meet all your needs. If you need a self-storage locker or a room imbued with climate-controlled features, we have it. On top of getting your own personalised pin access to their own unit, there will be 24/7 CCTV surveillance to ensure that the security of the storage facility is not compromised.

Start leveraging our storage solutions and utilise our well-maintained and highly-secured self-storage facilities today – all at an affordable rate. With Urban Space, easy storage solutions are yours for the taking.

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Storage Space for Different Purposes

  • WORK Storage & Office

  • HOME Storage

  • On Demand Storage

Why Store With URBAN SPACE Self Storage?

  • Variety of Storage Space Sizes

  • 24/7 Easy Access

  • Free WiFi and Working Lounge

  • High Security and Monitoring System

  • Clean, Modern & Cosy

  • Best Price Guaranteed

  • Convenient Location

  • Flexible Duration

  • Food Court

  • Childcare

  • Transport Service

  • 24/7 Air-conditioned

  • Member of the Self Storage Association Asia

  • Friendly and Professional Concierge Service

  • Trolleys and Ladders Provided

  • Event Space


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