Tips on how to preserve your canvases

13 May 2022

Have you ever experienced a time when you took out the canvas you had bought ages ago but found that it no longer seemed as enticing as before? Indeed, it has always been a challenge to store canvases in a humid country like Singapore. So, how do we ensure that the canvases do not deteriorate quickly over time? Here are some tips which can help to preserve your canvases and prevent their colours from fading so fast.


1. Keep the canvases clean and free from dust.

Just like any of your belongings, canvases can get dusty over time. Dust accumulation on the canvases can cause the colours on them to become less vibrant. This is a situation that you most probably want to avoid. Hence, to counter this situation, it is important for you to clean your canvases often.


2. Prolong the life of your canvases when storing them.

When storing your unused canvases, you can consider covering your canvases with a thin cloth and organizing them in a storage rack. Doing so reduces the risk of damage done to your canvases and prevents dust from collecting on the surface of your canvases, which is crucial to preserving your canvases. After all, who would want to ruin the canvas that they had treasure so dearly?


3. Create an appropriate environment to store these canvases.

Regardless of the measures taken to preserve the canvases, canvases will still deteriorate if they are not stored properly. They may become very volatile when stretched frequently due to the humid weather in Singapore. The colours in the art pieces will fade when exposed to sunlight. One key factor that you should consider when owning a canvas is the environment in which it is to be stored. Research has shown it is advisable to store your canvases in a cool and dry area where they will not be exposed to sunlight. And one of the options available to keep your canvases safe and intact in Singapore is to store them in climate-controlled storage units.


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